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DapperMusician by lexicat00 DapperMusician :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0 Uhhh by lexicat00 Uhhh :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 1 0 Sherlawk by lexicat00 Sherlawk :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0 Dizzy by lexicat00 Dizzy :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0 So Sweet by lexicat00 So Sweet :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0 Mmh Tea by lexicat00 Mmh Tea :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0 Merry X-Mas by lexicat00 Merry X-Mas :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 1 0 W-W-Woah! by lexicat00 W-W-Woah! :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 1 0 Defender by lexicat00 Defender :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0
His Butler, Fatherly - Chapter 2
Alice's visible eye widened as they approached the estate, "It's so... grand," She said in amazement.
"It's even grander on the inside," Sebastian told her, smirking lightly.
She admired the estate, not noticing when Senketsu had jumped off her shoulder into Sebastian's lap.
"Oh!" He chuckled, "Senketsu is... such a charming cat," He told Alice, lightly petting the kitten.
"O-oh! Is he bothering you?" She asked worriedly.
Sebastian shook his head, "No, he's quite fine."
Alice smiled slightly as Sebastian began murmuring to Senketsu how soft he was.
Once they had arrived at the manor, Alice was greeted by and introduced to everyone else.
"Is your eye alright?" Finni had asked.
She nodded, "Of course, one is just another colour, and I got a bit tired being called the spawn of the devil himself," Alice said with a laugh.
This got a smirk out of Sebastian at Alice's obliviousness.
Ciel was eyeing the cat on Alice's shoulder rather dangerously, keeping his distance.
Sebastian had shown Alic
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His Butler, Fatherly - Chapter 1
Elizabeth isn't always successful in convincing Ciel to go shopping with her, but when she is, they almost need to bring another carriage entirely for objects she buys.
This was one of the rare times Ciel had agreed to come along.
"Come on Ciel!" Elizabeth exclaimed, trying to get him to hurry up.
Sebastian was currently holding a stack of Elizabeth's items, all of it just barely balanced.
"Look out!" A voice called, and suddenly a small kitten ran past, causing Sebastian to lift his foot up to let it through.
Sebastian was suddenly pushed to the side by a black haired woman chasing after the cat. Being on only one foot caused him to lose his balance, as unusual as it seemed, and the entire tower of items came crashing down.
The woman suddenly scooped up the kitten, "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" She apologized, dashing over towards them. "I can make it up to you, I promise. I'll help carry the boxes!" She exclaimed, quickly lifting a few up.
The kitten, a small black one, was sitting on her s
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This is the Eve
I’ve been asleep for thousands of years,
When a voice fills my ears.
I meet someone who I am to befriend,
Now he shall be my friend.
He wants to help me out of this place,
Out of this crazy underground base.
I cannot tell him, that this is unsafe,
For I am just a speechless waif.
My long time enemy is asleep,
Much less quieter we may creep.
Now we must find a way out,
But my friend alarms me with a great shout.
She’s waking up, my enemy,
This is not something I can bear to see.
She has taken my friend, thrown him away,
I fear I will not live another day.
I am forced against my will,
To do the work for my enemy’s thrill.
All of this work puts me to the test,
I really need to try my best.
And finally, my friend, he’s found,
And onward we are freedom bound.
We fall, finally out of her view,
And our escape plan is one which is new.
I help him disarm her weapons,
And another challenge beckons.
I see my name but move along,
For staying here would be too wrong.
I help
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Alfred's Birthday ((UsUk))
Alfred's birthday...
It was the only thing on Arthur's mind at the moment, even though it was three months away ((you can never be too prepared)); he couldn't find out what to get the American!
He surely wasn't going to cook the idiot anything, Alfred probably wouldn't want anything that wasn't a burger, and there was no way that Arthur was going to 'cook' a disgusting piece of greasy meat for him.
Arthur had been brainstorming for days, until he had thought of the perfect idea. Now he just needed an envelope, a stamp, some stationary, and a pen. He also needed to do a little bit of research.
"Dude, hey, dude!"
Arthur woke to somebody poking him in the ribs.
"Go away you git."
"Dude, the library's about to close."
Arthur looked up to see that he had indeed fallen asleep at the library, in front of one of the computers.
To his relief, the computer screen was on sleep mode, so Alfred wouldn't be able to see what he was doing.
Wait, back that up.
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Captain Adi by lexicat00 Captain Adi :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0
Mature content
You're The Worst Father Figure Ever (Spamano) :iconlexicat00:lexicat00 0 0
I Love it When You Speak Italian (GerIta)
Germany woke up next to his Italian boyfriend. Ever since they had started dating, he didn't mind that Italy slept with him. He didn't mind before, but especially not know that he could be open about his love for Italy. He moved closer and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Italy, wake up."
Italy shifted a bit at the action, "Ve... Germany?" He asked quietly.
"It's me." Germany kissed him again and smiled. "It's morning."
Italy sat up and yawned, stretching his arms before wrapping them around the other, "Mmm."
Germany pulled Italy into his lap and rubbed his back. "How'd you sleep?"
"Bene," He murmured before yawning again, "But I'm still tired." Italy laid down once again.
"I suppose we could skip training today..." Germany murmured. "Do you want to just stay in bed?"
Italy nodded, "Sí..."
"Would you mind if I stayed with you?" Germany asked.
He grabbed the blonde's arm tightly, not really showing any signs of letting go.
"Good..." Germany wrapped an arm around his boyfriend. "I
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My Newest Epicness.

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'Zim is going to kill me.' Dib thought, 'but why would he? Oh wait he wouldnt kill me, the giant bully in front of me might!' he looked at the giant Torque. Torque didn't see Dib, only a small black bug. Which was Dib, he tried to kill it but before he could step on Dib, another knome shot him and shrunk him down. Instead of a giant bully, he was now an ant-bully. He saw Dib, "Dib you little piece of shit what did you do to me!?!" he screamed then charged for Dib, but not making contact because a bird got to him, before he got to Dib. "Curse you Diiibba!" He screamed before he was no longer seen. "fweew...
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So I haven't posted anything in forever and I was wondering...

Is there any particular fanart/fanfictions you would like to see me work on?

I'm taking requests! The end product might not be the best thing in the world you'll see, but I can try! Just... note me, or comment, or something. I dunno.
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